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Plaque location: 106 Lyme Street


In 1743 Moses Noyes Jr., the Lyme minister’s elder son drafted a will at age 75. He left his “negro man Jube,” along with a three-year-old heifer and a “Sealed Ring,” to his own elder son Moses Noyes III, while reserving half of Jube’s time for six years for his younger son William Noyes, after William came of age. The will leaves an unnamed “negro woman” to Noyes’s wife and two daughters. It also bequeaths Richard Jimmie, likely an enslaved child, to Noyes’s wife until the boy came of age. Noyes’s estate inventory in 1744 included “one Negro Man Servant named Jube” valued at 35 pounds. 

The relationships among the enslaved servants of the minister’s son are not known, but Jube could be the father of the boy Richard Jimmie. Whether Jube was purchased, or perhaps born to the minister’s enslaved servant Arabella, has not been discovered. 

Research into the lives of those enslaved in Lyme is ongoing and sometimes uncovers new details that may not have been known when the stone was installed. The text on this page reflects the most current information. 

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